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Below is the complete selection of different needs based on the customer and content categories by Tim B. Smart Education, LLC.  The information is based on years in the classroom, parent, and life experiences.  Check out the collection of work and let us know what you think.

Resources: Work

Parent Resources

Happy family

Tim B. Smart Education, LLC is extremely proud and excited to share his latest work to support aspects of positive, engaging and supportive parenting strategies as they pertain to their children's academic and emotional well-being.

Classroom Supports

Museum 3

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. Classroom Supports is the latest category from Tim B. Smart Education, LLC.  It is something of a strength of Dr. Smart's vast experience and will help teachers engage their students more readily.

Pre-Service Teachers

College Library

Check out some basic theory and potential supports around pre-service teachers along with academia theory and practice.  The topic may include: adolescent development, special education, child development, ethics, classroom management, methodology, pedagogy, homelessness, empathy, trust, and others.  Dr. Smart's teaching experience at the middle level along with graduate and undergraduate teacher predatory programs helps provide a unique perspective of how and why young adults act the way they do.

Keynote, Presenter, Mentor


For those organizations and individuals who need more direct support and potential guidance with securing Dr. Smart as a Keynote Speaker, Presenter, or Mentor.  Dr. Smart is a master at finding unique solutions, give him a try!

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