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Parent Resources

Tim B. Smart Education, LLC is extremely proud and excited to share his latest work to support aspects of positive, engaging and supportive parenting strategies as they pertain to their children's academic and emotional well-being.

Parent Resources: Work

Ten Ways to Support Learning at Home

This list will help focus on the essential steps to improving learning for your child at home.

Ideas to Support Reading At Home

Children are in class about 6 hours a day and most of it is focused on instruction in many different content areas.  Reading gets more difficult with each academic level.

Preparing for the Future

Here is quick list of supports to implement at home to reinforce preparing for the future.

Understanding Adolescent Defiance

Defiance is an act of bold resistance to authority with open disregard and contempt.  A child who exhibits defiant behavior is attempting to feel significant and a sense of control.  Their goal is not to annoy, frustrate, or create a power struggle with adults even though it may feel like it to us.  Parents never win power struggles with students.

Parent Resources: List
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